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A great way to stand out at trade shows or expos and a perfect way to get your message out when wall space is scarce. Retractable banners are easily portable and get the job done with no mess and no guesswork. Faster than you could pitch a tent , you’ve set up camp and are set to rustle up some new business at a trade show or conference. With multiple banners you can easily create an entire backdrop for your trade show booth that can be modified with a simple fabric change out. In addition to getting your brand noticed at trade shows, retractable banners make a versatile and easy way to:

  • Advertise services and products in your lobby 
  • Add a focal point to promote products
  • Introduce your presentation  
  • Launch new products 
  • Direct people to your event
  • Stand out at fairs and festivals
  • Promote fundraiser 
  • Advertise sales events on sidewalks 


If growing your company takes you a lot of places, retractable banners can be the best invention since duct tape, maybe even better. Signarama banners made from fade-resistant, anti-curl vinyl are offered in single-sided and double-sided models. Each of our frames features molded endplates with a three-piece bungee corded pole to ensure durability. Available in various sizes, our standard models of retractable banners rise almost 7 feet tall and are either 31.5 inches, 35.5 inches or 39.25 inches wide.


Professional and polished, lightweight, and easy to transport as well as set up, Signarama retractable banners are a breeze to use and store. Your design can display full-color images, a variety of different fonts and text, and any graphic element you desire.


Allow Your Message to do the Footwork for You with Dynamic Retractable Banners

Not sure how to put your message together or what you want your retractable banners to convey? The sign experts at Signarama will partner with you to offer suggestions and options that will create a buzz at your trade show booth or store display. Placed at the entrance of your area, your retractable banners frame your business with a welcoming, coordinated stance that will let you rise above the rest of the crowd. Contact Signarama to discuss the portability and flexible ease of use that retractable banners can offer your business today.

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